June 20, 2024 10:46 PM

$10.5m Pledge for Muswellbrook CBD


Labor have this week pledged $10.5 million to Muswellbrook CBD revitalisation if they are voted in at the Federal election.

Candidate Dan Repacholi was joined by Muswellbrook Shire councillors on Monday when he announced the commitment to the town.

“We’re gonna put this out there today and we’re delivering 10 and a half million dollars for the town centre upgrade here in Muswellbrook and what a great community this already is, and this is just going to add so much more to it,” Mr Repacholi said of the funding pledge, should Labor win the Hunter seat in the Federal election.

Muswellbrook Shire Council has been working on plans for the Entertainment Precinct for some time now and this funding, if received, will help be a significant boost according to Cr Rod Scholes.

“This precinct we’re looking at is the town precinct, which is in the main street of Muswellbrook in Bridge Street, basically linking the education area and the future entertainment area,” he explained.

“It involves three heritage buildings, there’ll be additional parking and it really will add to the liveability and the centre of Muswellbrook, really making it an even more beautiful place than it is now.”

When asked why it has taken so long in the election campaign trail to get to making funding announcements for Muswellbrook, Mr Repacholi said it is a commitment to show Labor care.

“I’ve been working hard on getting commitments all around our region, from Wyee, all the way to Muswellbrook and everywhere in between, I’ve worked hard and these things take time. There is also every other electorate in Australia trying to get commitments too so they do take time and I’m just glad that the hard push that I did to get this one has paid off for a beautiful town like Muswellbrook,” he concluded.