June 22, 2024 4:18 AM

A way to help the rising cost of living



An increase in the cost of living is affecting us all but there is one way that may help ease the pressure.

There are literally hundreds of job opportunities across the Hunter in hospitality and those managing pubs and clubs agree staff shortages are a massive problem.

Singleton Liquor Accord president Daniel Storey said everyone is feeling the impact of staff shortages to the point that it is just a common topic on meeting agendas.

Singleton Diggers CEO Michael Titow has about 20 job vacancies ranging from chefs, cooks, wait staff and bar staff.  It is shift work, hours are flexible, and the York Street Diggers currently has five staff members, under the age of 18, working in the restaurant. 

“We could still do with more, we average about 500 members here each day which is good, but we need the staff to handle the clientele,” Michael said.

Daniel manages four establishments and employs about 90 people across the venues and he too, is often facing situations where he doesn’t have enough staff to cover shifts.

Over the years Daniel has had staff who have worked while studying university and he is open to working around other job and family commitments.

“We have people who outline their availability, and I can work around that, you have to when we have so many families juggling work rosters,” Daniel said.

Daniel first started working behind a bar in 2005 at Singleton Golf Club and has risen through the ranks to his now full time role in senior management.

Daniel says it is a job for people who like working in a team environment.

“You will make a lot of lifetime friends, especially with the regulars, it is a good way to build confidence and meet people from all walks of life,” Daniel said.

Getting an RSA (Responsible Service of Liquor accreditation) can now be done online or in person however Daniel emphasized to ensure the online RSA you sign up for is a NSW accreditation.

“Don’t go for the cheap ones, the course will cost about $150, and most people can do the course in less than a week in their spare time – it takes about six to seven hours,” Daniel said.

It covers service obligations and things like how to spot a fake ID.

There are additional courses such as cocktail classes, but Daniel suggests leaving these until later after gaining some experience behind the bar.

Not all bars are the same either and it is about finding the right fit.

“A place like the Golf Club might suit someone who is a bit less confident, it is a relaxed environment while other places might be full on, it is about finding the right fit.”

So, if you are looking for a job or want to add a bit of cash to the family budget, consider completing an RSA, head out and find your fit.

There are plenty of jobs waiting for you.