June 16, 2024 9:31 PM

Club Grub Hits The Mark / Dig in at the Diggers



This issue went along to the Singleton Diggers fantastic restaurant, York Steak House for a bite of lunch.

And what a bite it was!

After major 2-million-dollars worth of reno’s just six months ago, and the restaurant also upgraded to now seat 180 people, the club is in the finest condition of its life.

It looks absolutely fabulous and is easily one of the the Hunter’s finest club venues. The upmarket interior hits and welcomes you at the same time. Timber features, clean lines and big comfy chairs make it a very easy place to waste a few hours over a lazy lunch or a special night of fun.

Anyway, back to the restaurant. There’s a whole new kitchen team serving modern Australian fare and they are dedicated to great quality across the broad range of deliciousness on offer.

Being two of us, of course we ordered four dishes between us. We were very glad we did. Being a review, we allow ourselves a gluttonous leave pass to pig out. My offsider is one of those fussy eaters and the club had no problem at all catering to his needs.

Our menu for the day included a delicious homestyle homemade Beef and Ale Pie with mash and peas. Lovers of pie will not be disappointed I assure you.

Then there was the Roast Pumpkin Risotto. I’m always sceptical of these kinds of dishes as few can get it right but get it right they did.  For this meat loving carnivore, it was the best, most delicious vego meal and risotto I’ve had in ages.

Asparagus, Tofu & Cashew Stir-Fry was next on the taste test to appease Johnny, my veg leaning partner in crime.

I wasn’t sure about it before tasting, and I was wrong. Darn good, and way better than my judgy-self had anticipated.

To top it all off we also enjoyed a plate of yummy golden seafood delights. It’s on a lot of menus but not a lot do it as nice. There’s a big menu to explore and next time I’ll gab the Rib Eye for sure.

Overall York Steak House should be a regular go to for all Singleton people whatever the occasion. It’s great food, it’s a spectacular club venue, the staff are great, it’s also got the largest indoor outdoor kids area in town and they’re now smashing out delicious cocktails for a reasonable $20 bucks.

Get your bums down there, take a seat and dig in at The Diggers. You will be a regular in one visit.

# As an end note, I also took the liberty to slip a lobster into a reverse ATM over a cold frothy on the way out. And bingo! I not only covered all expenses, but enough for a return visit and carton of cold Gold cans on the way home.