June 22, 2024 3:27 AM

Connection is Key to Senior Happiness



2021 Singleton Citizen of the Year Fred Turner message to those at the Seniors Week event was clear.

“Continue to enjoy what life has to offer regardless of your age,” Fred told the packed auditorium at Singleton Civic Centre.

Fred’s wife, Christine, now lives at Mercy with Fred and family visiting her every day, usually twice.

Their situation didn’t come without its challenges, but Fred said he received sound advice from Ourcare Services on the steps they may need to take in future.

“We had ten months at home to prepare and as Christine’s condition deteriorated, all I can say is it is important to have a plan.

“Health and lifestyle are the most important ingredient to life, I suggest you write down your plan, discuss it with family, inevitably we will all need some form of help and I say to all, never be frighted about getting support,” he said.

“The kindness shown to us now at the Mercy and the hard-working team we have come to admire, and respect is something we are grateful for.

“The transition from home life to aged care is difficult but the support we have received is beyond anything we could have anticipated. 

“It is just another step-in life’s journey and our aged population is so important to us, older people are a library of knowledge and history and advice.”

Second speaker Lyn MacBain reflected on the importance of community connectiveness as she spoke about Singleton’s recent achievements in Keep Australia Beautiful Tidy Towns Awards.

She said the awards reflect community and Singleton should be proud of its interaction.

“When I first arrived here all those years ago the local rugby league team helped us move in, neighbours bought us food, Jan Andrews came across the road and asked the girls to play with her children while we moved in, it was such a lovely welcome,” Lyn said adding that the continued sense of community continues to be enormously strong to this day.