June 16, 2024 5:14 PM

Darren Superspreads the Wellbeing Message



Darren Marshal has had his own positive wellbeing journey and is passionate about sharing what he has gained with the community.

The Merriwa paramedic was approached to be one of the Merriwa Wellbeing Superspreaders by Where There’s A Will and he said it was a no brainer to get involved.

Through working with a wellbeing coach the Superspreaders set personal goals that were achievable, Darren’s main goal was one we could all relate to.

“The main goal for me was being able to switch off from work, not only work but I’ve got a constant list of things to do,” he recalled.

“I’ve got two young children and I love spending time with them and giving them my time, but I don’t think I was giving them 100 per cent of me because in the back of my mind I feel like I’ve always got something to do.

“Now, with the actions I have worked towards to achieve these goals, I feel I am able to allocate time and I realise now that list isn’t going away, so let’s just put that to the side because the most important thing here is spending time with my children.”

Darren is so passionate about this change and other tips he has picked up throughout the program and will happily chat to workmates and members of the community who will listen.

This is the whole idea of the Wellbeing Superspreaders – the things they learn will flow on through the community as people share their experiences.

The Merriwa community have an opportunity coming up next month that they can get their own training at a Mental Health First Aid course run by WTAW.

Rural communities can struggle with mental health as individuals don’t like to admit when they are struggling.

“People aren’t comfortable talking about mental health, whereas now I think just having a conversation, if we speak freely and openly about it hopefully it will help other people feel at ease,” Darren said.

“It’s ok to not be ok and I think having tools to understand people, certainly speaking from experience, is enough sometimes to break those barriers.”

The free Mental Health First Aid course will run in Merriwa on November 13 and 14, for more information please contact Where There’s A Will on 0409 417 202 or email