June 21, 2024 3:37 AM

Discover the Probus Adventure at 40th Anniversary Lunch


The original committee of Singleton Mens Probus Club when it formed 40 years ago (back l-r) Keith Allen, Frank Maguire, Colin Ball, Bill Chisholm, Alex Tulloch and Gordon Flowers.

Singleton Men’s Probus Club will mark its 40th Anniversary on June 4 with a luncheon at York Street Diggers and current, former and potential members are welcome to attend.

The Singleton Club was formed on Monday, June 4, 1984 when a meeting was held at the Singleton CWA rooms with the view of forming a local club of this international movement.

Unanimously supported by the 18 men in attendance, the club has grown extensively with a diverse program of guest speakers and outings held since.

It was also moved that applications received for membership during the following three months would be granted Charter Membership status, this totaled 31 Charter Members.

Long term member John Tindale says the Singleton Club follows the Probus motto of offering fun, fellowship and friendship in retirement.

“As many are aware after working for many years you establish friendships from the work environment and after you retire many of these associations are lost, with people moving away,’ John said.

“Probus is an opportunity to come along and meet new people and start new friendships in an effort to continue the social side of life, hear guest speakers, take trips to interesting places and enjoy the social side of life.

“The basic purpose of the Probus Club is to provide regular gatherings of men who, in retirement, appreciate and value opportunities to meet others of similar circumstances and of similar level of interest.

“Many organisations like ours have suffered severely after covid as many individuals became used to not going out and we are all finding hard to move on since that time, however we are continuing to join forces with other Probus Clubs to make up the numbers to fill coaches, to make it viable to still enjoy trips.

“Don’t be shy there is no obligation if you come along to see what you think, it may not be your cup of tea or coffee, but we will supply you with one anyway, you will always be welcome.

“We meet at the Diggers Club in York Street the first Thursday of each month at 10am so please come along and introduce yourself, it may be just what you are looking for,” said John.

Any former members and their wives, partners, girlfriends, etc., of the club that would like to join us at the function, are very welcome to attend.

The cost of the Luncheon is $35.00 per head money and numbers must be in to the Secretary John Tindale 0402141734 before May 30.