June 22, 2024 4:15 PM

Great Night of Sensational Music


The encore performance by Soulful Steel consisting of Jimmy Steele and Sharon McIntyre, Ryan Young and Owen Sinclair, Alana Wilkinson and saxophonist and stage manager Lachlan Kibb.

From the moment the music first erupted at Broke Hall last week, the audience knew it was in for a brilliant night.

Host to the Festival of Small Halls Tour, the performers included Scottish fiddler Ryan Young accompanied by guitarist Owen Sinclair, also from Scotland.

Emcee for the night Stuart Ewan suggested it was the first time the hall had welcomed international performers to the stage but even that introduction did not give the audience any idea of the music they were about to hear.
With a Master of Music degree from the famous Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Ryan Young has emerged as a rising star on the international music scene.

His debut album, a collection of traditional Scottish tunes, was produced and recorded by the renowned Boston-based music producer, Jesse Lewis, right in the heart of Glasgow.

With no sheet music, Ryan’s connection to guitarist Owen Sinclair, was clear.  Owen, intensely fixated on Ryan’s facial expression, adapted to Ryan’s lead simply by what he was ‘reading’ from the expression.

Earlier on in the night national artist Alana Wilkinson talked and sang her way through her life’s journeys from the premature arrival of her baby Raffy to a rough experience at a night club that had even the primmest in the audience sharing an odd chorus expletive.

Finally a song about her grandmother who had dementia that saw a few tears shared.

The only ones complaining about that song was Ryan and Owen, who, experiencing intense Aussie heat for the first time, said crying at a song was a loss of body fluid they could not afford to lose.

Event organiser Evelyn Hardy said it was a wonderful night and a great way to bring the Broke community together.

She thanked Lions Club of Singleton Lioness for catering on the night and members of the Broke Committee for their support.