June 22, 2024 11:38 PM

Help the Homeless by Joining Vinnies Sleepout


Homelessness is a serious issue in our region, even though the depth of the problem may not be immediately obvious.

Education about the issue many in our community face is a key part of why the Vinnies Sleepout is so important.

“You don’t think about it, you don’t think it’s here, unless you see someone or Carol talks about or someone who’s in the know talks about it,” Garth Belford from Hope City Church who is helping organise the event said.

“To me the awareness is paramount, that people get it, that this is happening in our community and we need to do something about it.”

Muswellbrook Vinnies president Carol O’Brien has reiterated this point, sharing she meets with 45 people a month, not all of whom are homeless but they are all struggling.

“I’ll see them once every two months, and then once you have three helps, you’ve got to do budget counselling so I can see what’s happening,” she explained.

“Because if they do get Centrelink, sometimes they’ve never been taught how to manage money and that’s part of our service too. And then if you’re lucky enough to get a house well then sort of furnish it for them.”

This year the Vinnies Sleepout in Muswellbrook will be on Thursday, June 22 at Upper Hunter Youth Services in the Muswellbrook Showgrounds.

Over the coming weeks auction items will be collected, catering finalised and community participants are encouraged to register.

Money raised at the Muswellbrook event will be used to support locals who are in need, so consider getting together some friends and family to get involved.

Registrations are being taken via Stickytickets