Perfect time to trade-in

What a “rollercoaster ride” 2020 has been to date.

The year starting with extreme drought and the most fierce bushfires anyone could possibly imagine.

Rain started falling in mid January and the season changed almost overnight – for the better of course. 

Here we are now in mid June and the Hunter Valley looks wonderful. 

Likewise the cattle market, stronger than ever.

 As a livestock agent it is presently exciting to see the response of vendors with the prices they are currently receiving.

 Many clients have experienced using Auctions Plus for the first time – as buyers and sellers, partly due to Covid-19.

Our local Hunter Livestock Exchange has also embraced changes due to Covid-19 with social distancing for one.

Changes have also occurred within the selling complex with new selling pens (all undercover) and a huge change with soft flooring for the livestock. 

Livestock, vendors and buyers are all beneficiaries of these upgrades within the HRLX site, with further upgrades to continue well into the new financial year.

At this time of the year many people are starting to think of bull purchasers for the upcoming joining season.

given current values now is a perfect time to “trade-in” your old bulls on some youth.

 There are a number of studs in our local area, and most bull breeders are very flexible and obliging with bull inspections prior to sale day.

So start placing some thoughts over the coming weeks or contact your local agent for advice.

Until next time. 

Jason Bower,
Roger Fuller Pty Ltd

*This story was published on Friday, June 19 2020.