Playgrounds back to life


Students have once again returned to their playgrounds after Covid-19 restrictions saw schools close their gates.

Like all schools, King Street Public School staff were excited to have students back on site, filling a playground once again with squeals and laughter.

Staff said they were overwhelmed with the support from the community regarding all the changes required over the last few months.

“Our families immediately supported us back in March by not entering school grounds and practicing social distancing when they were asked. Families embraced Learning at Home whether by digital means or through the Learning Packs that we distributed. It has also been nice to hear parents ask about the wellbeing of staff and how we were coping when calling the office,” school administration manager Cindy Judge said.

All classrooms have hand sanitiser and wipes, with additional hygiene procedures in place such as regular hand washing and wiping down laptops and iPads after using them. Our cleaners are working increased hours and we have an additional cleaner who is on site four hours per day wiping down handrails, door knobs etc. These measures are in place for the safety of our students and staff.

Mrs Judge said teachers have undergone hours of professional learning around delivering lessons digitally as well as putting together Learning at Home Packs for every child during the past two months.

“They have been checking in with students daily as well as guiding them through the use of Google Classroom and answering questions about the lessons provided. Parents were also able to liaise with  our PDHPE, Music and Science teacher when needed. Students have also been supported by School Learning Support Officers (Teachers Aids).

“Office staff have answered countless phone calls over what has been a very anxious time for families and as I mentioned have been overwhelmed with everyone’s patience and support.”

*This story was published on Friday, June 19 2020.