Local stock are looking the goods


It seems hard to believe that we are in mid July having only had a hand-full of winter days and frosts alike.

Although plenty of dams are only a third or less than half full, the rain keeps coming enough to maintain a fresh pick for stock and local stock look very well.

Singleton weekly sales are continuing to remain very strong in value and quality, however numbers are starting to lighten off.

It is worth noting that cattle are currently weighing very well, likely due to the quality and quantity of feed in paddocks.

Singleton monthly store cattle sale was held on July 19, 2020 and a similar trend was witnessed.

Very strong values with a moderate number of 500 head yarded.

Weaner steers selling up to approximately $1300 and heifers with calves up to $2500.

On an entirely different matter, people selling uncastrated calves, bull weaners and bull yearlings – this number seems to be increasing in recent times, from this I can only draw two conclusions:

  1.  People are ‘time poor’ and do not have time to castrate their bull calves or:
  2. People no longer have the knowledge or ability to mark their calves.  If this is the case please ask for help, vendors are costing themselves from $70 to $200 per head sold.  Just something to think about.

Now in talking about bulls worth being kept, those people looking to purchase a new bull or bulls, do not forget

Pentire Angus’ sale on August 8, 2020.  Pentire’s on property sale has a strong catalogue of stud bulls ready to work, a donkey and 10 quality stud heifers.

Until next time

Jason Bower,
Roger Fuller Pty Ltd