Helping that start to big school

Starting school can be daunting, and that is why the Pacific Brook Christian School in Muswellbrook will be running the Play and Learn program again this year.

Designed as a bridge between preschool and kindergarten, the Play and Learn (PAL) program is set to start up this week in Muswellbrook.

“In 2018 we had just one day a week, and last year we had such a huge amount of interest we put an extra day on,” Jess Duggan, school administrator for Pacific Brook Christian School said.

“Even if you are not sure if your child is going to school or if your child is ready to go to school it is a good program to put them in to gauge and get feedback from the teacher.”

This year they will be running two morning sessions again, on Tuesday and Thursday starting this week – but children can be registered to start now or in term four depending on places.

It is designed to reflect the school routine to help make next year not such a big adjustment while starting their learning of literacy and numeracy.

“During term 3 we keep them a bit separate (from the rest of the school), to give them the chance to get settled in and learn the routine,” Mrs Duggan said.

“Normally during term 4 they get to interact with the rest of the school as well.”

The free program is open to all children in the community who are eligible to start school in 2021, or if parents are considering if they are ready and would like some feedback.

“We have had heaps of really positive feedback from parents,” Mrs Duggan said.

“They find the kids are a lot more ready to go to school, or they have a better idea if their child is ready to start school the following year.

“We have also had really good feedback from the local preschools and other school teachers where kids have gone to the other schools.”

The Play and Learn program started this week, but there are still spaces available.

If you are interested in more information or to register contact the Pacific Brook Christian School on 6543 1114.