Invite to take on the 10,000 Step Challenge


Getting active has benefits for our physical and mental health, and participants in the 10,000 Step Challenge can add on the opportunity to win prizes.

The latest data from the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare states that one in two adults do not meet the Australian Physical Activity Guidelines.

With this information in mind the Muswellbrook Healthy and Well program is gearing up for their next challenge with a new coordinator for the event, Stacey Dever.

“I quite enjoy the challenges, it keeps me motivated,” she said after joining in

“When you are in a team you have got that accountability, you make more of an effort, you don’t want to be that one at the bottom of the tea that is not making an effort.”

The 10,000 Step Challenge theme this time around will see teams Walk the Rabbit Proof Fence, which will see each team log around two million steps across the five to six week period it is expected the challenge will take.

Mrs Dever is encouraging everyone in the community to consider getting together a team of five and registering for the challenge that starts next week, there will be prizes for the team that finishes first as well as other achievements.

“Just get out there and do it, you have got nothing to lose,” she said.

“There is some nice walks around town to do at the same time, through the creek trail is a popular one and I know there are some good walks around Murrurundi and Aberdeen.”

David Sowter Captained his team MACH Marchers said he registered for the first challenge as a way to get out of a personal health and wellbeing rut.

“The challenge helped me to do that, because I’m naturally competitive, but also because I was part of a group, where we could all help motivate each other.”

Steps for the challenge are logged using phone apps or personal devices, if you do not have one but are a member of either Muswellbrook or Denman library you are able to loan one thanks to the towns participation in the NSW Healthy Towns Challenge.

To register for the challenge online seek out the Facebook group 10 000 Steps Muswellbrook Team Challenges for direction or contact Stacey Dever on