Singleton PCYC (Beautiful People)

Thank you to the beautiful PCYC.

Traditionally, The Hunter River Times presents a beautiful person with a bouquet of flowers each fortnight but when the Singleton PCYC was nominated, flowers didn’t seem quite right.

Knowing PCYC manager David Andrews doesn’t mind a donut or two, we decided to give him and his team a whole tray after they were nominated by Elizabeth Tudor.

Elizabeth was keen to nominate the PCYC and says the staff and volunteers go above and beyond to support children she has in the programs.

“They are just so lovely and energetic and I think they deserve a thank you,” Elizabeth told The Hunter River Times.

David and the team were excited to see the gift and thanked Elizabeth for her thoughtfulness.

“That is just so nice of her,” Vera Katris said and they group agreed that Elizabeth was very supportive of the PCYC and helps with fund raising and supports their return and earn program.

The PCYC is located in High Street and currently has 900 members, 650 of whom are under 18 years of age.

As well as the boxing and gym and weights rooms, the club runs kids’ activities, gymnastics, basketball, ladies tennis, martial arts and you can also hire the space for children’s parties.

The club also provides a safer drivers course.

Anyone wanting to know more about the PCYC can contact them by phone o 6572 1653 or email