‘Live a Better Life’

After being told by a doctor “You need Yoga” John’s journey has brought him a whole new lifestyle.

JOHN vividly remembers feeling as though he was floating walking out of his first ever Yoga class just over ten years ago.  He has since swapped a hectic career in mining for spending his days helping those in the Upper Hunter experience the benefits that Yoga can bring to life.

If you’re looking for relaxation, improved mobility, flexibility and strength all at the same time, yoga may just be the ticket!  John says that most people come to him have either had an injury, need improved mobility due to sedentary lifestyles, or want to better manage stress.  “It’s amazing what can be fixed with breath”  Many of John’s students find that after learning and using the breathing and calming and relaxing techniques from yoga, find they have a much better quality of sleep… and we all know how important sleep is to overall health and mood.  In addition to the physical gains of increasing strength, flexibility, and durability, you may find that doing yoga regularly changes your mindset supporting you in making healthy balanced choices and experiencing a greater calmness of mind.  John believes that Yoga helps people to better understand their bodies as it calls for some serious introspection.  There are many people that are hurting, bewildered and confused that have found a real calmness and healing from yoga practices.  According to John, “It’s all about love.  Once you can truly love yourself, then you can share that love around and help those around you.”  

You can join in John’s Yoga classes in Aberdeen, Scone, Merriwa and Murrurundi.