Students Jumping For Joy

Students at Muswellbrook Public School are enjoying the opportunity to try something new thanks to support from Bengalla.

Thursdays are not the end of the week, but for many students at Muswellbrook Public School they are a favourite day thanks to the gymnastics program they get to take part in.

Since 2016 the program has been helping students get out of their comfort zone according to program coordinator Caitlin Hayter.

“They love getting out there and moving and it is something so different for them and that makes it really exciting,” Miss Haytar said.

“We don’t have many children that do gymnastics outside of school so it is a great program for them to experience something new and learn a lot of new skills.”

Each week all students are broken off into two groups to do either gymnastics or another physical activity that has been chosen. This year they are focusing on athletics, for their half hour session.

Since its inception four years ago Bengalla have supported the program which is coordinated by Miss Haytar and fellow teacher Mikhaila Tomlinson.

“They have continuously supported this program by subsidising the costs so that nearly all students can participate, which makes it more accessible because there is no financial barrier,” Miss Haytar said of the generosity of the local mine.

“Gymnastics is embedded in the NSW syllabus for the children to learn and because it is such a complex sport we need somebody that is a trained gymnastics teacher to deliver the curriculum.

“I think the biggest benefit is the kids just really are happy and love it.”