Shoulder season almost over


The countdown is on for some fresh summer produce.

Singleton wholesale farmers Christopher and Mick McNamara believe customers will be in for a treat when their shoulder season crops hit their market stalls in the coming weeks.

The iconic stall has treated locals to popular winter items such as French radishes, English spinach, Dutch carrots, rainbow silver beet, yellow beetroot, stalk brussel sprouts, leaks, turnips, and radish.

The most popular winter crops proved to be Brussel sprouts on the stalk as well as cauliflower and broccoli.

“We are still picking the last of the winter crops,” Christopher explained.

“We are now also planting summer products such as watermelons, cucumbers and tomatoes.”

These hot summer items have been planted in September to mark the start of shoulder season, a 12-week block between winter and summer.

The McNamara farmers predict these items will be available from early to mid-November.

“You have that gap for about 12 weeks between the winter stuff and the summer stuff but at the moment we are still selling lots of winter products,” she explained.

“At the moment there is an oversupply of cabbages and cauliflowers as well.”

After battling the drought in recent years, prices have been lowered in recent months and customers have continued to flock to their stall each Friday and Saturday morning.

“The prices will stay good for the customers this summer,” Christopher concluded.

“As for our big sellers, I’d say our sweet corn, tomatoes and apple cucumbers all prove most popular.”

In addition to their Glenridding stall, the McNamara family also sell a variety of vegetables and fruit at the Newcastle Markets on selected Sundays.