Students hit the courts

Students at Muswellbrook South Public School are enjoying getting active thanks to the local ClubGrants program.

Last term Muswellbrook South Public School applied for funding to purchase sporting equipment for the students with funding from the Muswellbrook Workers Club program.

“They asked us if there was anything we needed at the school so we decided that we would get 29 class sets of sporting equipment,” school admin manager Sandra Watts said.

“In covid times the kids can take it out to do sport, PE, and have their own class equipment so that they are not all using the same footballs and that helps with cross contamination.

“They can collect it themselves, give it a bit of a clean up and store it in their classroom and then get them and go when they need them.”

The kits have a variety of equipment in them including basketballs, netballs, soccer balls, frisbees and markers to set up fields and goals.

This gives students the opportunity to try new things with their classmates and develop their social skills while being active.