Garden Attracts Garden Award


When Annie Reed moved to Muswellbrook five years ago she was not interested in gardening.

But as often happens, she started pottering around and found herself spending more and more time in the gardens around her home.

“When I came it wasn’t much at all, but the last couple of years it sort of multiplied,” she said with a laugh.

The garden at the unit block Annie and Benny call home, has a number of hidden feasts for the eyes and nature.

“At the moment there isn’t a lot of colour, but when there is colour it looks really beautiful.”

She tends to the garden beds in her own yard as well as those outside the unit block she calls home.

“It gives you pleasure, takes your mind off other things to just come out here and lose track of time,” Annie said.

While here, sister Betty is the one that guides her to what needs to be done at different times of the year, Annie is learning more and more about what is involved.

She has also gotten to know her neighbour, Benny Coleman, through their time spent in the gardens.

“He waters and helps me clean up the gutters which is lovely,” she added.

Annie and Benny have been awarded the Lioness Club of Muswellbrook Prettiest Garden Award for 2021, the last one that will be presented as the club prepares to close in the coming months.

Annie Reed (left) and neighbour Benny Colman were awarded the Prettiest Garden from the Lioness Club of Muswellbrook, pictured with President ## and Dorothy Dolahenty who is Benny’s aunty.

“I am not a real fusser, but it is very nice,” Annie said of the award.

In 1984 the Lioness Club of Muswellbrook was formed and that same year they started running the Prettiest Garden Award according to charter president Carol Hutchison.

“The committee had to choose the prettiest garden and every year it has gone to a different part of Muswellbrook.

“It’s the prettiest, not necessarily the best kept or anything, just the prettiest.”

Annie certainly loves her home and takes great pleasure in enjoying her home’s surroundings.  A place she loves and a place she certainly intends to stay.