Mrs Solman’s Memorable Journey

By Alex Tigani

Katherin Solman’s long journey at Singleton High School came to an end last Friday.

Past and present staff members gathered in the school’s library to celebrate her 40-year career which came to an end on Friday, May 28.

Current principal Ms Joanne Scott commenced the speeches with tributes from Mrs Tracey Holloway and Margaret Richardson.

“That felt surreal and very emotional,” Mrs Solman told The Hunter River Times.

“I didn’t expect this day would ever come because I watched everyone else’s farewells and I thought ‘lucky them’ for going but I wasn’t really ready.”

She believes Singleton High School only catered for 750 students when she first commenced her first (of many) administrative roles in1981.

“This school was like a little family really from the start,” she continued.

“Everyone did things together and it was like a close-knit family.

“I have loved watching new staff come, fresh faced from University or wherever, and watched them grow and develop their knowledge and their skills and their nurturing of the kids; watching them evolve from Year 7 to 12.”

Ms Scott said she was in awe of her longevity at the school.

“Forty years is such a magnificent amount of time to give to education, to students and to Singleton High School,” she added.

“I’m in awe of any staff member who last as long as that and as well as that to contribute to the education of our children.

“Teachers contribute but our office staff are our backbone for structure.”

Former principal and current Singleton Deputy Mayor Tony Jarrett also regarded her as a legend of the school.

“She has reached the legend status at 40 years, and she has outdone me because I only made it to 37,” he playfully reflected.

“When I was a classroom teacher, I used to be scarred of her; you had to make sure you had your work in on time or you don’t get it at all.

“When I became principal, she used to look after me every day and the good thing about Kathy is she knows the community really well.”

We asked how Mrs Solman will spend her first free school term next month? “I’ll already be with my grandkids,” she proudly concluded.