Still Time to Make Your Blue Heeler Film Festival Entry

Turn lockdown into a creative experience by putting together a short film for the 2021 Blue Heeler Film Festival.

Entries close on October 9, so this lockdown long weekend is the perfect opportunity to put something together with the theme ‘Don’t Panic – Living in a Pandemic’.

Team leader Joshua Belinfante from the University of Newcastle, who are assisting Muswellbrook Shire Council with running the event, said the only limit to entries is the creativity of those putting it together.

“I just always encourage people to think outside the box and make the ordinary extraordinary,” he shared.

“You don’t need a fortune of budget to make something happen, you’ve just got to put your thinking cap on and brainstorm.

“In our workshops we highlight that the best camera is the one that you have access to, most people have access to a smartphone.

“It’s also being aware of the fact that for these kids living in this lockdown must be so tuff so just giving them something to spark joy is really important.”

The theme for this year is very fitting, and open to interpretation of what not panicking while a global pandemic unfolds around us.

“For anyone that might be wondering what to make it could be as simple as panicking that you have got too much toilet paper, or panicking that your pasta isn’t al dente and the store is closed, Joshua explained.

“We are just encouraging everyone to just think – we are in lockdown so we aren’t expecting everyone to go remate the Lord of the Rings, it could be something just as simple as being stuck at home and something extraordinary happens.”

Entries need to be less than seven minutes in length, and it is a family friendly event so themes need to be kept appropriate for the audience.

The final date to submit entries is Saturday October 9, and more information can be found here.