Spoonville Expands Its Space

It is hard not to smile when passing Upper Hunter Youth Service near McDonalds in Muswellbrook.

The fence has been populated by colourful creations made by members of the community to make Spoonville come to life.

The initiative started early September and has continued to grow, with the support of Muswellbrook PCYC who have been placing craft kits for families to collect to help with their project.

This is one of three known Spoonville sites in Muswellbrook, the others being at Karoola Park near the playground and on the New England Highway near Little Kindy.

Any growing community needs to be kept safe and some of the latest recruits at the Hunter Valley Local Area Command, Constables Scoop and Dollop, have stepped up for the job.

They will patrol the community before taking up their permanent positions at Upper Hunter Youth Services.