Farmers welcome drones to the industry


Rural personalities throughout the Valley made their way to Mount Olive (near Singleton) for a drone course earlier this month.

Farmers, agricultural teachers and outdoor enthusiasts listened intently to NSW Farmers instructors about the perks of acquiring the new technology for the future.

“It is the second time we’ve been here, and it has been a great response,” NSW Farmers’ Catriona McAuliffe (Regional Services Manager) explained.

“People have been investing a lot in their livestock, so everyone is looking at the best way to manage that and make sure that every single animal is looked after and kept an eye on.”

It marked the second year that the program made its way to the region.

Many of this year’s participants were left on the waiting list the first time the program made its way to the Glennies Creek RFS station in 2020.

One year on, it proved worth the wait.

“It has been very interesting and we heard from some very qualified teachers,” local landholder Brad Bell explained.

Mr Bell, who closes in on his first decade as a fulltime farmer in the Congewai Valley (near Cessnock), enjoyed the class and using a drone for the first time.

“You’re always reading, looking at the land and there was a section there on new technologies,” he recalled.

“We were on the waiting list last year but this year it has been interesting.

“It is all about controlling it (drone), identifying if there is a use that is going to justify the expense.

“Is it going to be a time saver, do the job better.”

Drones can benefit farmers and land holders by checking out watering points, fences and pests/wild animals.

Those interested in joining a class can visit the website –