Voting Continues Slowly in Local Government Elections

Only a handful of votes appear to have been counted yesterday in the Local Government Elections for Muswellbrook, Singleton and Upper Hunter.

Sue Moore continues to lead the count in the Mayoral Election in Singleton.

Mrs Moore remains ahead with 5192 from the initial first preference votes.  Danny Thompson 3824, Tony Jarrett is on 3083, and Belinda Charlton on 1696.

The virtual tally room on the NSW Electoral Commission website provides the following first preference voting results for the region as of the close of counting on December 9.

In the councillor vote, 13,799 of the potential 17,080 first preference votes have been counted.  Of note is that 7.93 percent of people voted informally.


Sue Moore 3038

Danny Thompson 2269

Tony Jarrett 1617

Malinda McLachlan 1320

Godfrey Adamthwaite 884

Belinda Charlton 751

Hollee Jenkins 468

Sarah Johnstone 452

Val Scott 349

Tony McNamara 332

Sue George 299

Kay Sullivan 286

Andrew Clifton 278

Calvin DeBeutz 183

John Martin 180


A potential 11,654 votes to be counted of which 9033 first preference votes are now in. As of close of voting yesterday, 5.76 per cent of people voted informally.

Results as follows:

Jeff Drayton 1354

Rohit Mahajan 1014

Steve Reynolds 845

De-Anne Douglas 782

Amanda Barry 767

Rod Scholes 592

Darryl Marshall 584

Jennifer Lecky 571

Graeme McNeill 447

Brett Woodruff 314

Malcolm Ogg 242

Louise Dunn 226

Jacinta Ledlin 221

Mark Bowditch 186

Stephen Ward 180

Janelle Eades 147

Jonathan Hoad 66


A potential 10,279 to be counted of which 8479 first preference votes have now been counted providing the following results:

Lee Watts 2309

Maurice Collison 1646

Elizabeth Flaherty 626

Ron Campbell 614

Sue Abbott 586

James Burns 483

Allison McPhee 445

Adam Williamson 424

Tayah Clout 397

Patricia Taylor 276

Belinda McKenzie 151

Chris North 136

Informal votes are 4.55per cent to date.