Third time lucky for Mathews


Not even the recent rainfall could delay the Howe Park Tennis Club championships for 2021.

Dean Mathews held off last year’s club champion Mitchell Ryan to take out the Men’s A-Grade title.

The 24-year-old fell short in the second set and trailed Ryan 3-1 in the final set before storming home for his first title. “I haven’t won one of these before,” Mathews told The Hunter River Times.

“I’ve made the final twice against Gary Brenton and now its third time lucky.”

Howe Park Tennis Club members pictured on Day 2 of the championships.

Mathews first picked up a racquet at the age of four and joined the club at the age of eight.

“In our round robin Mitch beat me 6-4 and so there was a good comeback in the final,” he explained.

“It feels good knowing that I now have a championship under my belt, it means I can play at that level and win.”

MEANWHILE Drew Parnell held off Xander Sheath in the Boys A-Grade Junior Final this week.


Ladies Open Singles

Winner – Heidi Stanford

Runner up – Polly Trost

Ladies Open Doubles

Winner – Kim Brindley and Deidre Girdler

Runner up – Polly Trost and Elizabeth Moule

Men’s A Grade Singles

Winner – Dean Mathews

Runner up – Mitchell Ryan

Men’s AR Grade Singles

Winner – Mark Rix

Runner up – Xander Sheath

Men’s B Grade Singles

Winner – Hank Hochfaerber

Runner up – Alex Tigani

Men’s A Grade Doubles

Winner – Mitchell Ryan and Cameron Phillips

Runner up – Charl Botes and Dean Mathews

Men’s AR Grade Doubles

Winner – Mark Rix and Lachlan Evans

Runner up – Drew Parnell and Xander Sheath

A Grade Girls

Winner – Kirra Pearce

Runner up – Clare Hayes

B Grade Girls

Winner- Sybella Muddiman

Runner up – Clancy Parkes

C Grade Girls

Winner – Maggie Parkes

Runner up – Charlotte Stanford-lucas

A Grade Girls Doubles

Winners – Clare Hayes

                 Abbey Whiting

Runner up – Clancy Parkes

                      Lillian Stanford-Lucas

C Grade Girls Doubles

Winners – Annabelle Wieland

                  Hannah Bowring

Runner up – Charlotte Stanford-lucas

                      Maggie Parkes

A Grade Boys

Winner – Drew Parnell

Runner up – Xander Sheath

AR Grade Boys

Winner – Gaigher Uys

Runner up – Samuel Redgrove

B Grade Boys

Winner – Cooper Bailey

Runner up – Harry Land

C Grade Boys

Winner – Cade Stevenson-Byrnes

Runner up – Maxwell Sponberg

A Grade Boys Doubles

Winner – Drew Parnell

                Dominic Rohr

Runner up – Bastian Hochfaerber

                     John Jerusalem

B Grade Boys Doubles

Winner – Harry Land

                Hunter Sanderson

Runner up – Carson McNamara

                      Cooper Bailey

C Grade Boys Doubles

Winner – Cade Stevenson-Byrnes

                Rhys Wetherspoon-Mills

Runner up – Maxwell Sponberg

                      Santoro Maviglia