Muswellbrook Home is Full of Surprises


Walking through the gardens towards Susan and John’s home you feel there is something amazing just beyond.

But little can prepare you for the absolute grandeur that appears in front of you as you turn to the front doors of the house.

Susan and John purchased their Muswellbrook home a year ago after spending around a year living in their caravan trying to find the area that felt right for their new home.

With Feng Shui key to the original design there is a water feature at the front door and views of the mountain at the back.

The call of the grandkids in the Upper Hunter was a key factor in the decision, but they have been enchanted by the region – the people, scenery, and busy local events calendar, and now can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Their home was the other key selling point on the area.

“We walked up to the front door with the agent and we knew it was ours, we didn’t even need to come inside, we knew it was our house,” Susan shared.

“This is a very unique house, you won’t find it anywhere else, it’s the house of reflections, mirrors,” John added.

The four-bedroom with a study, four full bathroom house has a layout designed with Feng Shui at its core.

There are no hard corners in rooms making the shape very unique, the abundance of windows lets you see from one end of the house to the other via reflections and clever placement, and an abundance of water is key.

In another sign that this was meant to be there home, after hanging on to numerous garden pieces that just didn’t fit at their previous property – they are right at home now, like the pictured planter and water feature.

The house was even built facing due east with a view of mountains at the back and a large water feature at the front – water from this flows under the house into the Japanese Garden nestled among offshoots of the house.

“Quite often you will be able to see someone from the family walking in the house, but you have no idea where they are,” Susan laughed.

“The house kept on giving us surprises for about two months, we call it the house that keeps on giving.”

Hidden between the walls, yet visible from the master bedroom at the other end of the house, is this Japanese garden.

But, back to the splendour of the entrance to the home – their entryway is two eight-foot-high, green doors that the agent has told them are from the old David Jones building in Sydney.

The area may have drawn Susan and John in, but this marvellous house has made it clear they are home.