Soldier On Showcases Job Opportunities


Job and training opportunities were the highlight of the first defence employment forum organised by Soldier On in Singleton.

The event, held in Singleton last week, aimed to put defence and ex-defence personnel and their families in touch with potential job opportunities.

Around a dozen organisations took part in the event and it was as meaningful for the stand holders as it was for the participants.

Novaskill trainer and assessor John Carlin is keen to increase the number of people in the area with accredited aged care accreditation, a qualification recognised Australia wide.

Given the short supply of staff across the broad section of aged care, the qualification opens up opportunities for those who follow their partner’s military career, where ever that may be.

Opening the event, Soldier On Pathways Officer Kevin Lomax told the gathering that moving around to different military postings was a challenge.

“When a soldier is posted, the family is dragged along so it is about ensuring family members are also aware of the local employment opportunities,” Kevin said.

Kevin was thrilled so many organisations took part in the night and for the participants it was like having 20 job interviews at once.