Lots to See and Do at Jerrys Plains Fair


Jerrys Plains Fair will be held at Jerrys Recreational Grounds on March 19 from 8am to 1pm, and will mark the tenth anniversary of the event.

Coolmore Stud is the event’s major sponsor and thanks to them, the children’s rides on the obstacle course and the jumping castle will be free.

Coolmore Stud is also paying for the overall insurance for the day and their generosity is greatly appreciated by the event’s organising committee.

It is never easy to organise an event and sometimes the overhead costs make these community days near impossible.

Committee members Rhonda Walter and Kaye Atfield said the generous support of Coolmore was very much appreciated for an event that brings the entire Jerrys Plains community together.

It is not too late to book a stall spot, just $10 for a 4m by 4m space. 

If interested please email: jerrysplainsfair@gmail.com or phone 0411 288 977.

“It is just a great day and we have missed out on the past two years so the community is keen to come together and we are expecting it will be a wonderful day,” Rhonda said.