Smoke in Broke to Benefit School Community


The popular Smoke in Broke BBQ Festival returns for its fourth appearance next week.

Once again, local business Smokin Hot ‘n’ Saucy Barbecue will be showcasing the barbecue talents of the best teams in Australia across the June 11-12 weekend.

The weekend showcases tastings, classes and the latest products the pros are using with a demonstration stage.

The festival first took place in 2018 and 2019 before it was cancelled in 2020 due to the first covid-lockdown.

Last year, it was the only event of the four planned barbecue festivals in the region to go ahead prior to the 2021 covid-lockdown.

Proceeds from the tasting tokens went to the Broke Public School last year.

Event organisers Rob and Randi Thraves have confirmed the school will again receive profits from this year’s event.

“Last year the Broke Public School was able to receive a $10,000 cash donation that they used to purchase much needed new technology for the school,” organiser Randi told The Hunter River Times.

“The kids at the school are super pumped to raise money again this year and look at adding some STEM software tools onto their new computers for enhanced learning opportunities that are fun and full of critical thinking.

“I always say that this should be one of the most sought-after schools because you have so much industry and everything around you.

“A lot of the schools have been looked after with computers in the bigger towns and technology moves so fast and these kids are going to get jobs after they finish school so we needed to have their skills on the computer moving forward.”

Broke Public School principal Amy Ball told The Hunter River Times that her school community were very thankful for the new resources.

Tickets will be available on Eventbrite with pre-purchase tokens now an option.