Mindful Miner Tells His Story


Josh Dagg is a coalminer.

He is a loving father of two beautiful girls and has been to hell and back.

His marriage broke down, he was at the bottom of the bottom of life but through his love for his family he pushed through.

Now he, with the assistance of his new partner, Amy Heinzel, has published a book that provides hope, strategies and comfort to those who may confront the same emotionally challenging experiences that push your strength to the limits.

Josh is very open about what he has been through and wishes nothing more than for others to not have to go through the same depths of despair that he did.

The book is aimed at children so that they can identify their emotions from sadness to gratitude, empathy to resilience and is now available to anyone wanting to ensure their children can communicate how they are feeling.

Josh and Amy wrote the book, Josh’s mother Tracy did the illustrations and Josh and Amy’s blended family have enjoyed the response.

“I love getting up and seeing the orders and posting it,” Amy said of the recently published book.

Josh is also comforted by the knowledge he is helping others.  By opening up about his own experience many have reached out for support and that is the main message Josh wants to share.

The book targets life experiences such as adversity, health and wellbeing, feelings, communication, mindfulness, gratitude, empathy, resilience, independence and safety

Josh and Amy have self-funded the publication with proceeds going to Headspace.

The couple have offered the publication to local schools but others wanting to check into the messaging are invited to  see the website www.themindfulminer-minefulness.com/

Amy recently read the book to students at the Maitland school where she is a support teacher.

“It was lovely to see them engage, to talk about how they were feeling,” Amy said.

The couple is looking forward to their book becoming a part of young education across the region and beyond.