Sentimental items find a home for the next 50 years


Hole 9 of the Singleton Golf Club is Not For Sale nor will it be for the next 50 years if all goes to plan.

The final hole of Singleton’s iconic golf course has decided the outcomes of countless championships, competitions and even friendly wages as Queen Street residents often glance at the action from their backyards and balconies.

Therefore it was fitting that Singleton Golf Club’s centenary time capsule was buried right next to its tee on Sunday morning.

Former club president Mal Newman, who has called the Singleton Golf Club his second home since moving from Wagga Wagga for work in 1980, was the first to shovel dirt onto the capsule.

Singleton’s golfers, past and present, then followed suit.

Betty Thompson pictured with her iconic golf hat one last time before placing it in the capsule.

Club captain Murray Considine proved that not even two centenary celebration nights could prevent him from steering the tractor.

His mother Leah, another club matriarch leading the celebrations throughout the month, was not short on advice with each pour.

By the time the capsule had been buried, club president Des George and centenary committee chairman Greg Bateman patted down the turf.

The history had been sealed and the party returned inside at 11:47am.

This small piece of land will not be for sale any time soon.

Singleton Golf Club centenary committeemen Greg Bateman and Des George sealing the time capsule.

The club plans on digging the capsule up in the year 2072, to kick off the club’s 150th birthday celebrations.

Some of the items we will not see until then include a voucher book used from 1956 to 2022, Singleton Golf Club Pennant Shirt, Ken Cusack, Bercini Cup Trophy, a stubby holder, telephone book and a Nokia 4 telephone.

Vocal golfer from yesteryear Betty Thompson also added her iconic hat moments before the capsule was sealed.

As she passed it to the committee, she proved that could still share a quality tale or two.

“I went over to Cessnock or Kurri to play golf and one lady asked, are you Betty Thompson?” she recalled.

Club captain Murray Considine pictured with the time capsule.

“Because I played golf with a Betty Thompson and she was so rude I was prepared to work home.

“I replied, ‘have you met Betty ‘Bloody’ Thompson, you’ll have the time of your life with her’.”

So the next time you tee off on final hole, remember that you’ll be driving the ball only meters away from the items of Singleton’s most colourful golfers.