Inspirational Kamryn conquers Royal Rookie Rumble


Kamryn Kermode first started going to the gym to support her mental health.

Five years on and motivated by her progression in the gym, Kamryn decided in September last year that she would move in to powerlifting.

“I’m obsessed with going and lifting weights, so I wanted to go into powerlifting and see where I could go,” she shared.

On February 26, Kamryn entered her first powerlifting competition.

The Hunter Classic 2023 was held at Beresfield with 12 competitors and Kamryn competed in the novice category, a chance to experience competition.

Preparing rigorously, she undertook a 12-week program, training four days a week, working both her upper and lower body, practicing her benches and deadlifts.

Whilst initially nervous at competition, Kamryn explained that once she started, she quickly got ‘in the zone’ and ‘knew what to do’.

By the end of the competition, Kamryn was proud with a new personal best achieving an impressive 107.5kg deadlift.

Kamryn was surprised at the supportive nature of all in attendance, even her fellow competitors.

“Everyone is cheering each other on, wanting to see each other succeed,” she added.

Further, she explained that the pressure of competition feeds her desire to become stronger and share with others what she is capable of.

Kamryn’s next goal is to qualify for Powerlifting Nationals in August.