Catholic Education Offers Everything in the Upper Hunter

Serving communities throughout the Upper Hunter, Catholic Schools ensure each and every student receives a quality education in a supportive environment and has the opportunity to grow academically, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

The Catholic school family welcomes all who seek the life long-value of Catholic education and strives to help every child reach their potential. We aim for our graduates to live prosperous, purposeful lives, who aspire to make meaningful contributions to their community. 

Dedicated teachers and learning support staff deliver high-quality education supported by modern technologies in state-of-the-art facilities across a broad range of subject areas, where students are invited to discover and develop their individual skills, talents and abilities. Along with a challenging academic curriculum, students can apply their interests in a variety of co-curricular pursuits.

Catholic Schools firmly believe that all students are entitled to a safe and supportive school environment where they feel comfortable and valued. Schools provide several programs to ensure the transition into school, at any stage, is a smooth and positive experience for all students and their families. 

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St Joseph’s High School, Aberdeen

St Joseph’s is a co-educational secondary school for Years 7 to 12 students committed to helping students achieve their goals with a strong focus on Catholic identity and the development of the whole person within a nurturing community. St Joseph’s recognises learning has its greatest outcomes when parents, students and teachers form strong relationships based on mutual respect and trust. St Joseph’s excellent standing in the community and high academic results are attributable to the positive relationships staff form with students.


St Joseph’s Primary School Denman

St Joseph’s Denman offers quality Catholic education for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. St Joseph’s is an open and caring community where social justice, honesty, compassion and love are nurtured and valued. The school community is built on an active partnership between the parents, school and local Parish and curriculum differentiation ensures that the needs of all students are catered for at all levels.


St James’ Primary School, Muswellbrook

At St James’ learning comes first. Catering to students from Kindergarten to Year 6, St James’ endeavours to provide a holistic and comprehensive education by nurturing the academic, physical, interpersonal and spiritual dimensions of school life. St James’ features a nurturing educational environment equipped with modern facilities and modern technology. The grounds feature open-plan collaborative classrooms, flexible working spaces, computer lab, multi-purpose hall, large playground and playing fields in addition to a learning centre with a well-resourced library, providing a stimulating and adaptable learning environment for all students.

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St Joseph’s, Primary School, Merriwa

St Joseph’s is a unique school environment that provides a meaningful and inclusive learning program catering to the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social and physical dimensions of each student. St Joseph’s operates as a Professional Learning Community where teachers work collaboratively to plan and deliver learning programs tailored to individual needs so that all students experience high levels of achievement. Students also benefit from state-of-the-art educational technology and sensory learning initiatives for a comprehensive learning experience.


St Mary’s Primary School, Scone

St Mary’s offers a Catholic education for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. St Mary’s uses a contemporary approach to learning which is personalised, stimulating and responds to the learning needs, interests and experiences of each student. St Mary’s offers an inclusive environment filled with skilled and committed staff who nurture the social, emotional, physical and spiritual development of all students in their care.


St Catherine’s Catholic College, Singleton

St Catherine’s is a co-educational school offering a comprehensive curriculum for students from Kindergarten to Year 12. St Catherine’s has a proud history of excellence and achievements in academic, sporting and cultural pursuits and offers a seamless transition for your child’s educational journey. St Catherine’s is a community that strives for excellence in all aspects of schooling, catering for the learning needs of each student. St Catherine’s staff are deeply committed to effective and contemporary teaching pedagogy and differentiating for the needs of each student.