Four in a row for Clydsdale’s men


The Scone Thoroughbreds rectified a slow 0-2-1 start with a fourth straight win on Saturday night.

Playing coach Adam Clydsdale, who guided the undefeated Thoroughbreds to a Clayton Cup victory in 2022, praised incoming talents Zane Groves, Brady Roser, Junuh Warden, Riley and Jack Pennell for stepping up to the plate.

“If they don’t play further grade footy then they will be Scone first graders for 10 to 20 years to come,” Clydsdale told The Hunter River Times.

The Thoroughbreds will now travel to Denman this Saturday for the first time since their 36-36 draw in April.

Daniel Ritter (suspension), Justin Apthorpe and Timothy Watson (work) will all return to the signed while 2021 Group 21 first grade player of the year Hayden Topliss and Michael Radford are also in contention.

“It is a good headache to have as a coach,” Clydsdale added.

“But I still enjoying these younger boys coming through.

“Our first grade side has had three or four injuries that have been there for years too.

“So it makes it easier for us old boys to transition out when we have so many old boys coming through.”

The powerhouse will return from the June break to play host to Greta Branxton on Saturday, June 17 before travelling to Aberdeen on Sunday, June 25.

Clydsdale admits he will not be taking any game lightly.

“Any footy side on their day is going to be hard to beat,” he concluded.

“I know last year it was good winning by 50 but we had people not coming to games because they knew it was going to be a whitewash.

“Now we have people coming because they know it is going to be a good footy game.”