Secrets of the Past at Old Denman Courthouse


Old train tunnels, abandoned asylums and eerie castles are the kinds of places most people will avoid, but not Lauren Wennerbom and Ben Thompson.

The pair, along with the occasional special guest, are Paranormal Whispers and for the past two years they have been seeking out haunted places to explore.

“Paranormal Whispers is about connecting with spirits that have been left behind, that’s how we started it,” Ben explained.

Lauren is a psychic medium, and Ben is a sensitive which means he can often pick up on energy around him, and they have been friends since their time at Muswellbrook High School when they bonded watching paranormal shows on weekends.

For the past 12 months they have been recording their own investigations and releasing YouTube episodes and podcasting their adventures.

“It’s been a really incredible journey to be able to do those things and Ben being able to capture it in the way that he does, and being able to share that with everyone is really cool,” Lauren told The Hunter River Times.

“We did the pub at Maryborough and that was quite active, I would say that was the second most active site that we’ve been to, the Ararat Asylum was probably the most active I’ve ever been to.”

Lauren and Ben aim to go into locations with open hearts, respect, and as little information as possible so they can start putting together the story of spirits as they are revealed.

“I like to use our intuition and pick up what we feel along the way and then try and piece it all together,” Ben shared, adding that as the night goes on they pick up on things and then delve into archives in the weeks that follow.

While at the Old Denman Courthouse they hosted a sold out high tea where Lauren connected guests with spirit to share their words of comfort and guidance.

To find out how the investigation went, or to see when they will be holding more events locally, follow Paranormal Whispers with Lauren and Ben.