June 21, 2024 5:22 AM

Making a House into a Family Home



When Sophie Clark began looking to buy a house, she didn’t mind much what she looked at, as long as there wasn’t a lot to do when it settled.

Unfortunately, they discovered some issues in the bathroom of the Muswellbrook home after an offer had been made and once settled, they did a full rip out and replace in early 2019.

“I wasn’t looking for anything too big, or too over the top, I just wanted something that was my own home,” she shared

“It was a house that I could change up to make it my own.”

After buying the house in December 2018 and doing the bathroom replacement, repainting and new flooring throughout Sophie moved in over Easter 2019.

Sophie is in her early 30s, and at the time she was single and working as a hairdresser which made the process of looking for and then buying a house an intimidating one.

“If it wasn’t for mum and dad, I would never have been able to actually do it to be honest” she said.

“Dad ended up making the actual offer, I had been looking and dragging him around but every time it would get close to ‘Sophie needs to make a grown-up decision’, Sophie decided to go overseas.”

The renovations are not over, by the end of the year they will have a new kitchen but there is something else that will change the feel of the house even more than any renovations ever could.

In a few months Sophie and her partner Craig Palmer will welcome their first child, and she is looking forward to bringing the bub back to a house they have made a home.

“In the beginning having a housemate that we could hang out and do dumb stuff with to now turning it into a family home – it is a house that has grown with me,” she said.

“It has become a home that I am happy to bring my baby back to now.”