June 22, 2024 11:17 PM

Scouts Time Capsule Reveals the Past


Larry Pittman, who was a 2nd Muswellbrook Scout Leader at the time it was buried, opening the time capsule 25 years later with past and current Scouts.

2021 marks 100 years of Scouts in Muswellbrook, and last week current and past members came together to celebrate by digging up a time capsule from 1996.

“It’s our 100-year celebration so to be able to open the 25-year time capsule tonight with a varied range of people from over the years has been really good for us,” Scouts leader Alyshia Petersen said.

“While we are a community group I think there is not the awareness of Scouting that we would love and we are hoping that this celebration will help that.

“We still get people saying to us ‘is Scouts in Muswellbrook still going’ – absolutely we are and we are going strong and we are loving our Scouting as much now as we were before.”

Some of the special guests at the event included those who were at the burial of the time capsule in 1996, as well as others who have been associated with the local group well before that.

One of those present was Alan Curtis whose family has a long history with Scouts in Muswellbrook.

“When we first started the Scout hall was in Brook Street, near the doctors surgery, then mum and dad were on the committee and they actually brought a big army shed here,” he recalled.

“This new building came after the old army shed burnt down, I’m just not sure of the date I think it was around 1985 it burnt down and this hall opened in 1988.”

When the time capsule was opened everyone was fixated looking at the letters, photos and memorabilia that was held inside, all while plans for a new one to be buried next term continue.

Muswellbrook Scouts meet on a Thursday night during the school term from 6pm to 8pm at 40 Ford Street, new members and leaders are welcome to pop down and have a chat or message the 2nd Muswellbrook Scout Group on Facebook.


Elisabeth McCash was the youngest Cub Scout in Muswellbrook in 1996, a photo of her with leader Larry Pittman was included in the time capsule and she was there for the opening last week.