June 21, 2024 8:27 PM

Students share their care



Australian Christian College Singleton principal Tim Shields admits that he could not be prouder of his school’s community efforts throughout this year’s covid-19 pandemic.

Only three days after returning to the classroom the school’s staff and students jumped at the opportunity to make their mark through three memorable activities.

“We wanted to show our local frontline workers that we are thinking of them, supporting them and appreciate their hard work during this time and always,” ACC Singleton Principal Tim Shields told the Hunter River Times.

“We answered the mayor’s call to the ‘Light it blue’ in Singleton campaign by hosting a ‘Make it blue’ day at the school that allowed our students to express their gratitude.”

The students also celebrated and honoured all the esteemed frontline heroes in the local community by spending the day hand-making bunting personal notes of gratitude.

“We encourage every student to act compassionately and graciously but to also think deeply and biblically; and each student was able to do this during the day,” Mr Shields continued.

The bunting was delivered the same day to local hospitals and the NSW Ambulance Northern Control Centre in Newcastle where their artwork was met with great appreciation.

“Our staff was very appreciative of such a kind gesture, especially the handwritten greetings and wishes,” Jane Bourke of Singleton Health Service told the Hunter River Times.

“The gifts really made our day.

“It has been a very challenging period and to receive thoughts of appreciation and care from local students is especially meaningful.”

The school also created gratitude and care packs for each school parent who qualified as a frontline worker.

The packs consisted of a Country Style magazine, fudge, T2 tea bags and an ACC gratitude card.

“One of our mothers is a nurse who was working shift when our bunting arrived,” Mr Shields continued.

“She told her colleagues that her daughter went to school here and that same day she arrived back to her home with a gift package.”

As the school enters the second half of the year, students and parents are urged to continue to showcase their positivity amid covid-19 restrictions.

“Because we’re in the independent sector we had the greater flexibility to make a local decision in welcoming our students back,” he concluded.

“All of our parents are off site; we can’t have parents into assemblies and we’re no longer doing excursions but we’re fortunate to still be able to connect with our kids.

“And we’re so proud of everyone who was able to support our three initiatives.”

*This story was published on Friday, June 19 2020.