Brooker joins the Croquet Field

A Singleton golf talent made her way to the grass courts last week.

The croquet family welcomed Lois Brooker to the courts on Saturday, July 4.

“Brooker adapted her golfing skills and adjusted quickly to the different ball size and the four coloured balls,” club stalwart Bob Moore explained.

“She scored several hoops.”

Saturday, July 4

  • Marie Pease and Carolyn Pearce defeated Robyn Schmierer and Fay Lewis 7-3
  • Betty Knight and Bob Moore defeated Val Smith and Lois Brooker 7-4
  • Val Smith and Robyn Schmierer defeated Fay Lewis and Marie Pease 7-2
  • Fay Lewis and Lois Brooker defeated Betty Knight and Robyn Schmierer 7-5
  • Val Smith and Marie Pease defeated Robyn Schmierer and Lois Brooker 7-5

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