Gym Program Targets Gross Motor Skills

A generous grant from Singleton Diggers has exposed every year 1 and 2 student at Singleton Heights Public School to the twists and tumbles of gymnastics.

The seven-week program sees Gym Matrix instructors Sophee Merrick and Sahar Ellicott spend a day at the school teaching the 150 students all about gymnastics, balance, coordination and the fun of physical activity.

It is the third year the program has been delivered at the school but usually the students pay.  This time around the sponsorship from Singleton Diggers meant all students had access to the activities and the school’s community liaison officer Alison Dagg, said it was so lovely that no students missed out.

“As they develop their motor skills you can see the students’ confidence grow and they come out of their shell,” Mrs Dagg said.

The activities are aged appropriate and adapted for each student depending on their ability.

“You can see the kids who do sports and outdoor activities, there is definitely a skill difference amongst the students and for some we just make the activities a little more challenging, activities that are appropriate for their development level,” Sophee said.

Both Sophee and Sahar have been employed by the Gym Matrix, qualified instructors who enjoy working with the schools.

“We work in a lot of schools around the Hunter from Lambton to Murrurundi,” Sophee said adding that they loved working with the Singleton Heights students.