Seven Day Snap Lockdown for Muswellbrook LGA

Upper Hunter MP Dave Layzell has announced that a seven day snap lockdown will come into effect in the Muswellbrook LGA from 6pm today, Tuesday September 28.

The lockdown restrictions also apply to anyone who has been to the LGA since Wednesday September 22.

Dave posted the following statement on his Facebook page;

Today I have been briefed by Minister Hazzard, Dr Gale, Dr McAnulty and Dr Chant about the risk to the community that has occurred by an unvaccinated, highly infectious individual. The investigation by the HNE Public Health Unit highlighted a number of potential COVID exposures to the community. As a result of this advice, I endorsed their advice to support a snap 7 day lockdown. This has been accepted by the Crisis Cabinet.

The primary objective is still to keep the community safe. We still do not have the level of protection in the community afforded by the vaccine.

Using the current trends, within 4 weeks our double dose vaccination rates should be over 70% but until then, we are still living with the threat of a serious outbreak.

I acknowledge the impact this decision will have on small business and peoples lives. The pandemic is a very challenging time and the path to recovery will undoubtable have many bumps along the way.

I encourage everyone to make use of vaccination opportunities at our health hubs, GP clinics and now at our local pharmacies.

The stay-at-home rules will now apply until the 5th October.

STAY Home, STAY Strong and STAY Safe.