Books Galore Walk Out the Door


Crowds were waiting for the doors to open for the PCYC Book Fair last Thursday and when those doors opened they were not disappointed.

PCYC club manager David Andrews said the steady flow of enthusiastic readers were confronted with table after table of books galore with some visitors spending two and three hours browsing the diverse array.

While the fair is cemented in the event calendar for Singleton, in the past it has been conducted by the Lions Club of Singleton.  This is the first time the PCYC has run the event and David said this first event was teaching him a lot.

Most would assume the event is a weekend’s job but the PCYC has been collecting and collating books, DVDs and CDs for months ahead of the event.

He was thankful for the support of AGL and the School of Infantry for assisting with some of the heavy lifting, something his volunteers would not be able to do on their own.

“It was a great success, a great fundraiser for the club, we appreciate the great connections with Australian Defence Force, great connections with local business and provides us with a great profile within our local community,” David Said.

“The young men from Gallipoli Platoon were tremendous, I cannot praise them highly enough, they were hard working, polite, respectful, courteous and an absolute pleasure to have around, they were a credit to the ADF, and to themselves.

“You can see from the amount of books we have here, it would be a huge job for three or four volunteers so we are just so very grateful,” David said.

“They have also been helping carry books out to the cars of some of our customers, some people have been buying boxes of them,” he said.

He thanked PCYC supporters Carolyn Cronin and Catherine Thorley for their support and all the customers who came along.

“I will be doing some things a bit differently next year, it is a lot of work but when we tally it all up, I am sure it is worth it,” David said.

He added that fund raising was essential for the club to provide the support to local youth and the book fair is just a part of that fund raising.