Errol and Beryl’s remarkable dedication


Singleton is not the only town with legendary volunteers. Enter Scone.

As the founding chair, Errol Bates has steered the ship for the past 12 years for the support group and has established a strong and well connect group of individuals all passionate about the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

He has been greatly assisted by his wife Beryl.

“The dedication of Errol and Beryl is just remarkable, I’ve never met two individuals that are so passionate about their local town of Scone,” WestPac Rescue Helicopter Service’s Danny Eather.

“If there is something needing to be known within the community you go to Errol and Beryl first, and in no way is that because they are nosey, it’s because they are so passionate and active within the community.”

Whilst Errol might be taking his foot off the pedal, Danny believes he will continue to be an amazing ambassador for the Service within the Upper Hunter Shire.

“For that I say thank you Errol,” he continued.

“Thank you on behalf of the crews, management but important the patients that we have flown and those that we will fly in the future.”

Other volunteers include Jan Hartmann and Ann Whitley.

Jan Hartmann and Ann Whitley pictured selling raffle tickets on Kelly Street.

Jan has been a volunteer for three and a half years and was inspired by her sister and law and husband.

“I used to live in Scone and then I went away and been back and my sister-in-law was in it,” she explained.

“I had a husband that was always in Apex, Rotary and Lions Club so I felt like I need to do something.”

Ann and her husband Kevin had also been donators for many years. She started volunteering immediately after retiring from work.