Research continues for centenary


Niblicks, mashies, cleeks and lofters may no longer be in the modern-day golfer’s vocabulary.

Nevertheless these terms have come up weekly for retired businessman David Stibbard when researching the history of the Singleton Golf Club.

After lengthy interviews and research for an updated booklet on the club’s history, he could not single out the club’s greatest golfer though the Roger Worms, Nathan Bagnall, Geoff Marchant and even Andrew Sutton had all been discussion.

He has instead unearthed some unique stories across the club since it formed in October 1922.

“A schooner was raised from 37 to 40 cents on December 8, 1975 and a full nip of scotch was raised from 45 to 46 cents,” he laughed.

“A 26 ounce bottle (long neck) was also raised from 68 to 72 cents.”

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