Reigh Welcomes Residents to his 100 Club


Do you want to join the 100 club?

It was question asked by Reigh Lewis, 101, earlier this week to his fellow Uniting Alroy House Aged Care residents Harry Dorsman and Bruce Read.

“If you are here, I will,” Harry replied.

Though their journeys started at different points of New South Wales, born in Delegate, Sydney and Gunnedah respectively, they would all make their way to Singleton later in life where they have been celebrated World War Two veterans for more than half a century.

Harry will turn 100 on Wednesday, November 9. The trio will unite for Remembrance Day on Friday, November 11 before Bruce then turns 100 the following day.

Reigh, who turned 101 on September 10 this year, looks forward to welcoming them both.