Transcare Grateful to be Fuelled Up


With their 13 volunteer drivers having travelled 110,476km and 2,468 hours over 1,053 trips and their paid drivers having travelled 239,230km over nearly 8,000 trips this financial year alone, it’s undeniable the work TransCare puts in to assist its clients.

On Wednesday May 24, TransCare staff and volunteers gathered with their community supporters at Scone Sporties to receive a $20,000 cheque from Ampol.

Granted to them through the Ampol Foundation ‘Your Towns Grant’, the money will assist TransCare with their fuel costs over the next 12 months.

“Ampol is using this new grant as a platform to get money back into the community and with the services that TransCare give to the community, the best way forward is for Ampol to be involved in a reduction of their annual fuel expenditure. That’s what it’s all about for us and knowing how much TransCare put into the community it gives us much pleasure to be involved,” representative for Ampol, Dave Pritchard said.

“We’re very lucky to receive this support from Ampol to help us to continue to support our clients with travel. We’re very grateful,” TransCare’s chairperson Penelope Fenley said.