Step Back in Time at Martindale Homestead

Noone was more surprised that Jim Bartholomew’s family when the hammer fell at an auction in 1986 and his name was called as the top bidder.

This was because they were just there to have a sticky beak, according to two of his children Kate Duncan and Andrew Bartholomew.

“I think mum nearly fainted, she didn’t know it was being brought,” Kate, who was six at the time, said.

“There are literal bats flying through the place, it was falling apart.”

Recollections of the holes in the floors and walls, the upstairs rooms that were off limits due to there not being balconies, and more are still very clear for the Kate and Andrew but when you look at it now it is a different picture entirely.

The rebuild was a three year long process, with attention to detail a focus in making sure the property maintained its grandeur.

The original single story cottage was built in 1840 and over the years many additions were made but it also became the most dilapidated building on the site by the 1980’s, and when Jim and wife Barbra took on the property it was completely rebuilt.

The first floor of the second wing to the property was completed in 1865, and the second story followed in 1890, with the sandstone brick baring the marks of convict craftsmanship.

“It was quite a project to match the cedar and architraves and everything, it was quite a big undertaking for the architects,” Kate shared.

The home, as it stands today, has seven bedrooms and six bathrooms, with a number of sitting rooms that the extended family still use regularly when they all come together.

The old tennis court that is now covered over once to attract guests from Denman on horse and carriage to play a weekend of games.

At one point the property amassed some 30 thousand acres of land that the White family used for cattle and thoroughbreds, which still roam the paddocks today.

While most of the Homestead remains a private residence, the grounds have been opened up to welcome anyone looking for a rustic country venue for weddings or events.

“Over the front of the house you’ve got the beautiful backdrop of the house and also beautiful views right down the valley as well, so you kind of got the best of both worlds,” Andrew said of the stunning scene that has been set for beautiful weddings.

If you are interested in checking out the venue for an upcoming event, look up Martindale Homestead on Facebook, visit or email