MATS Excited to Present their Stage Show……Finally

After countless false starts, the Muswellbrook Amateur Theatrical Society are finally about to hit the stage for their first production in… a little while.

Countless disruptions have prevented their shows coming to life, so to celebrate their 60th show MATS The Musical, Backstage, will revisit some of the crews favourite shows from their history.

“It’s an original story, and it’s about how MATS puts on a show so it’s like a show within a show,” committee, and cast, member Ryan Langford shared.

“It’s basically showcasing all different songs from well-known and not so well-known musicals. I guess the original idea was to showcase some shows that MATS had done, what we might like to do in the future and even shows that wouldn’t be possible – here’s our chance to at least do one song.”

While there are some familiar faces in the cast, there are also several new members including Paige Heusler and Angela Mitchell.

“I’m probably their number one fan, I’ve always just sat in the audience and admired from afar and this year, I was like, I’ve got the courage and I had support from my family and friends, so I went to the auditions and here I am,” Paige said of finally taking the leap onto the stage.

“It has been quite a challenge to get the whole dancing and singing at the same time together, but we have had plenty of rehearsals and we’re all set and ready to go.”

Angela took part in the Acters Anonymous program MATS ran, which gave her the confidence to audition for a role.

“It was wonderful, good for the first timers and then I got the confidence to come and audition and I was terrified, but it’s been really fun,” she said.

The show will also include a downsized Upper Hunter Conservatorium of Music ensemble, the Backstage Band, supporting them in the musical numbers.

MATS The Musical, Backstage, will run across two weekends, October 12, 13 14, and 19, 20, 21, at the Upper Hunter Conservatorium of Music.

For show times, and to purchase tickets, visit