Heelers Call Out For Players To Join The Game

There is an air of positivity at Highbrook Park as the Muswellbrook Heelers work towards fielding a team in the 2024 season.

They won back to premierships in 2018 and 2019, and since the 2020 season was cut short by covid and resurrecting a team has proven difficult.

But they are not ready to give up.

“We’ve had a few meetings and there’s plenty of chatter around, I think committed players we’re in the low 30s, but it’s a long way till the season starts and trying to rebuild a club takes a lot more than 30 players,” one of the senior coaches Cameron Young said.

They are calling for anyone with an interest in rugby union to come and give it a go, since each game will need 15 players on the field with five to seven on the bench.

Given how many players are shift workers in the area, the more names on the roster the better to keep the season going.

“We are looking for anyone that can strap the boots on and have a run, that’s all that matters, that you can get on the field,” co-coach James Hawkins shared.

“We are aiming for divisional, which is just below premiers, and that is where we have played before.”

In this competition the furthest game would be in Nelsons Bay on a Saturday afternoon, with most games being around the Newcastle area if not at home.

One of the things both Cameron and James are passionate about with the Muswellbrook Heelers is its family friendliness, and that the clubhouse is one of the best places for a cold drink on a Saturday afternoon while cheering on the local lads.

The Heelers have started preseason training on Tuesday’s at 6pm, anyone who is keen to get involved is encouraged to head to Highbrook Park and join in or reach out to them on the Muswellbrook Heelers RUFC Facebook page.


Hopes Set on Junior Rugby Side

It has been many years since Muswellbrook has had a junior rugby union side and that is something the Muswellbrook Heelers are looking to change.

“Early 2000s is the last time we had junior side and that hurts, so this year we’re trying a program through New South Wales Rugby and Rugby Australia,” club president Greg Buckley shared.

“It’s a try rugby program and we are aiming at kids, males and females, from five to 12 years old.”

Kids will learn the basic skills and rules of rugby union during the eight-week program that will be led by coaches from the senior side and other volunteers from the club.

An information and registration evening will be held at Highbrook Park from 5.30pm on Friday February 16 for kids and their parents to meet the committee and coaches, with the program kicking off the following week on February 23.