Sports Unite for Fund Raiser

A Cat, a Devil and a Ram walked into a bar wearing cricket pads.

It sounds like the start of a very confusing joke, but instead of a corny punch line there is a great show of community spirit.

Sunday, February 18 will be the fifth time the Muswellbrook Cats AFL Club will run a Pink Stumps Day raising money for the McGrath Foundation.

“The Cats have always been heavily involved in community fundraising and that sort of thing so as a preseason get together, before the start of the footy season we thought we’d give a cricket day a go,” Jordy Solly, who is organising the day, explained.

“A lot of the guys that play, play Saturday cricket as well so we just started to gel well with who we had around the club and it’s been taken up by a lot of people in the community as well.”

Along with the other local football codes, Greta and Belltrees cricket clubs have also been regular supporters of the day which will include a licenced canteen run by the Muswellbrook Cats.

It is a round robin day with teams playing six overs per match. Teams are split into two pools with a finals run capping off the day.

Team registrations are open, and there is always opportunity for volunteers to help out with refereeing, scoring and running the canteen.

For more information, or to register a team, contact Jordy on 0458 105 817 or visit and get tickets under the Functions tab.